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Eli is a connector. She will listen and observe everything around her and will try to bring out valuable elements even to the craziest of solutions. With a previous experience in sales and marketing, she is a good communicator and has a strategic mindset. She strongly values collaboration and thinks that good working flow within teams is crucial for successful outcomes, therefore she strives to not only create an impact for her client projects but for everyone involved in the working network. 


She likes long walks whilst letting her mind wonder around fundamental questions like “What is space when your eyes are closed?” 


Jamie is both an observer and engineer who values details and operational logics. She enjoys learning, sharing, and observing how things work. Jamie aims to bring the team energy and care into improving human-environment and social relationships.


From a fashion design and innovation management background, with her experience in sourcing, art direction and brand strategy. She leverages her unique aesthetic flair into customers’ needs, and turns it into some tasteful projects. 




Gabi is all about design and telling stories through experiences. She enjoys spending time at galleries or in nature and immersing herself in multiple cultures, cities and talking about innovation. With experience in visual communication design she also hones in her creative strategy knowledge by allowing people to engage visually in new narratives that are always backed up by qualitative research.

She likes to travel and experience novelty and that usually feedbacks into her work. Her constant visits to her home country, Brazil, allow her to recharge and experience immersive nature settings. The opportunities to see multiple ways of being around the world inspire and give her new ideas. The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed, and therefore the more we look the more we find.



Leni is the Reality Challenger and has the spontaneous visions and ideas at Blooming Reality. Her background is in product design, branding and research. Leni is a team-player, she believes that the best ideas can only prosper when working on them together. Her interests locate around exploring wider social networks, that of humans and non-humans. In the design area, she is passionate about furniture design and speculative design. 


Leni loves adventures! When she finds the time, Leni would go road tripping up in Northern Europe with her dog and a tent to explore territories unknown to her. Once she had to take the ferry from Rotterdam all the way to Harwich, so her dog would be able to enter UK smoother and with less of a hassle.


Karina is a listener, detail spotter and problem solver in Blooming Reality. While she enjoys cuddling with her cat at home, with solid experiences in communications, branding and PR, Karina cares about the human-touch and connection between people, as well as with nature.


She once spent 26-hours hiking in Hong Kong, an over-night hiking experience with just half an hour sleep in between. "When you are spending time in nature, especially dark at night with all the stars above and not a single city's light around, you'd look at the city a bit differently - perhaps from an admiring angle to adore the quietness and being disconnect from the modern technology, something not everybody appreciates." It is the same when it comes to work, sometimes it is the least appreciated angles where you'd find the beauty.


Marty is the Studio Dog at Blooming Reality. Marty’s interests are situated around sensing, focusing specifically around the sense of smell. Marty enjoys to cuddle and play with his squeaking and soft toys, while using his cute eyes as tool to acquire food from humans. 

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